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White Mane

Genres: Foreign, Family / Kids, Criterion Collection, France, French Cinema

Cast: Alain Emery

Director: Albert Lamorisse

Synopsis: In the south of France, in a near-desert region called La Camargue, lives WHITE MANE, a magnificent stallion and the leader of a herd of wild horses too proud to let themselves be broken in by humans. Only Folco, a young fisherman, manages to tame him. A strong friendship grows between the boy and the horse, as the two go looking for the freedom that the world of men won't allow them. Long unavailable in the U.S., this extraordinarily shot wonder from Albert Lamorisse, the director of The Red Balloon, is a work of technical sophistication and immense natural beauty.

Language: French

Country of Origin: France

Production Year: 1952


  • "One of the most beautiful films ever made.", Pauline Kael

White Mane
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