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Lynn Anderson: Home for the Holidays

Genres: Music, Country Music, Christmas

Cast: Lynn Anderson


Synopsis: It just wouldn't be Christmas without a classic country artist singing classic Christmas songs. Lynn Anderson graciously shares her favorite carols with us to complete our holiday music collection. "These are the songs I remember from the family Christmas of my childhood. These songs were always on the radio, or the record player-—and you didn't have to be a great singer to sing along." In great family Christmas tradition, Lynn's parents, Liz and Casey Anderson, are singing with her on "Silver Bells."

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States of America

Production Year: 2002

Lynn Anderson: Home for the Holidays - CD - $15.98

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  • Release Date: Nov 12th, 2002
  • Catalog Number: SMMG5020-2
  • UPC: 0662582502022
  • Rating: Not Rated
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