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Genres: Comedy, Romance, Classics, Romantic Comedy, Classic Comedy, Criterion Collection

Cast: Barbara Kent, Glenn Tryon

Director: Paul Fejos

Synopsis: The early Hollywood gem LONESOME is the creation of a little-known but audacious and one-of-a-kind auteur, Paul Fejos (a filmmaker/explorer/anthropologist/doctor!), who bridged the gap between the silent and sound eras. Fejos pulled out all the stops for this lovely New York City symphony set in antic Coney Island during the Fourth of July weekend—employing color tinting, superimposition effects, experimental editing, and a roving camera (plus three dialogue scenes, added because of the craze for talkies). For years, LONESOME has been a rare treat for festival and cinematheque audiences; it's only now coming to home video. Rarer still are the two other Fejos films included in this release: The Last Performance (featuring a new score by Donald Sosin) and a reconstruction of the previously incomplete sound version of Broadway, in its time the most expensive film ever produced at Universal.

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States of America

Production Year: 1928


  • "A wonderful celebration of 1920s New York, the era's definitive evocation of Coney Island.", J. Hoberman, The Village Voice
  • "Paul Fejos's exquisite, poetic 1928 masterpiece about love and estrangement in the big city deserves to be ranked with The Crowd as well as Sunrise.", Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

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