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Johnny Firecloud / Bummer

Genres: Action / Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Something Weird, 70s, Crime / Criminals, Double Feature, Thriller

Cast: Victor Mohica, Ralph Meeker, Frank DeKova, Dennis Burkley, George "Buck" Flower, Connie Strickland, Carol Speed, Diane Lee Hart, Sacheen Littlefeather

Director: William Allen Castleman

Synopsis: The Seventies Shock Again in this Ultra-Angry Double Feature from producer David F. Friedman! Named for the atomic bomb, Native American JOHNNY FIRECLOUD returns from Vietnam to a desert town controlled by a white-trash bigot named Colby who hates Indians in general and Johnny in particular. Enraged that his daughter is in love with Firecloud, Colby catches them together, whips the bejesus out of Johnny, and has him tossed in jail. Johnny escapes from his cell and staging a one-man Indian massacre against Colby and his racist cronies that begins with a good old-fashioned scalping.
Then take three hot-to-trot groupies, mix well with the Seventies L.A. rock scene, add plenty of sex, drugs, and violence, then watch as it all explodes into one big BUMMER!

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States of America

Production Year: 1975


  • "Brisk, well-crated exploitationer... the requisite quota of nudity, sex and mayhem! A meaty come-on for fans of retro-'70s fodder seeking cheap thrills!", Video Watchdog

Johnny Firecloud / Bummer - DVD - $14.98

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  • Release Date: Feb 12th, 2002
  • Catalog Number: ID0804SWDVD
  • UPC: 0014381080421
  • Rating: R
  • Run Time: 188
  • Color Format: Color
  • Audio: Dolby Digital Mono
  • Language: English
  • 16:9: No
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Closed Captions: No
  • Subtitle:
  • Special Features:
    • Audio Commentary with Producer David F. Friedman

    • Seventies Trailer Gallery

    • Bonus Short #1: "War Drums"

    • Bonus Short #2: "Blind Bidding and How It Affects You"

    • David F. Friedman Gallery of Exploitation Art