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Horror Collection Extravaganza: 6 Terrifying Movies

Genres: Horror, Boxed Sets, Thriller, Mystery / Suspense, Sci-fi / Fantasy, Drama

Cast: Barbara Carrera, Christopher Plummer, David Doyle, Deborah Harry, Diane Ladd, Eric Stoltz, Holly Palance, Jack Jones, James Russo, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joy Allen, Judith Ivy, Karen Black, Michael Cutt, Nick Cooper, Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowall, Tia Carrere

Director: Allan Holzman, Bill Condon, Harvey Hart, Pete Walker, Ralph Nelson

Synopsis: SIX TERRIFYING FILMS THAT COMBINE HORROR, SCI-FI, SUSPENSE AND FANTASY featuring Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eric Stoltz, Diane Ladd, Dee Wallace-Stone, Cloris Leachman, Roddy McDowell, Deborah Harry and much more!

CREATED TO KILL (1976, Rated PG, 104 Minutes): Dr. Paul Holliston (Rock Hudson, Giant) discovers a method to accelerate a fetus into a mature adult (Barbara Carrera, Never Say Never Again) in just a few days, but the consequences of interfering with nature prove to be deadly. Also stars Diane Ladd (Chinatown) and Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes).

SHADOW PLAY (1986, Rated R, 98 Minutes): Playwright Morgan Hanna (Dee Wallace-Stone, Cujo) is trapped in a world where love and desire walk on the razor's edge of madness. And when she sees her long-dead lover in a mirror, she'll be lured to a place where all the mysteries of her past, present and future will collide in a final, shocking conclusion. Cloris Leachman (The Last Picture Show) co-stars in this chilling tale the Los Angeles Times calls "An intriguing...psychological thriller."

INTIMATE STRANGER (1991, Rated R, 96 Minutes): Blondie's Deborah Harry (Videodrome) stars in this psycho thriller as a struggling bar singer that moonlights as a phone sex operator to make ends meet. One night she comes across a caller that takes a disturbing liking to her and threatens to kill her. What follows is a deadly cat and mouse chase that has her fighting for her life to catch the killer before he catches her. James Russo (Donnie Brasco) and Tim Thomerson (Trancers) co-star in this riveting thriller that also treats "Blondie" fans to a couple of performances!

NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1980, Rated R, 92 Minutes): A professor and his students embark on a journey into the forest to find proof of a deadly beast believed to be responsible for countless deaths, but what they find is more sinister and unnatural than they ever expected.

THE HOOKER CULT MURDERS (1973, Rated R, 108 Minutes): Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Karen Black (Five Easy Pieces, Trilogy of Terror) star in this horror mystery about a detective investigating the mysterious death of a prostitute who fell to her death from the roof of a high-rise. What he uncovers is far more sinister than a simple accident or suicide.

SISTER, SISTER (1987, Rated R, 90 Minutes): Directed by Academy Award winner Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh (Single White Female) and Eric Stoltz (Killing Zoe). Two repressed sisters (Leigh and Judith Ivey) with a dark past live a quiet life in the deep south running a Bed & Breakfast until a handsome stranger (Stoltz) arrives and begins to slowly unravel their shocking secrets.

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States of America, Canada (English), United Kingdom

Production Year: 1991

Horror Collection Extravaganza: 6 Terrifying Movies

Horror Collection Extravaganza: 6 Terrifying Movies - DVD - $9.98

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