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Dolphins (IMAX)

Genres: Special Interest, Documentary, Animals / Nature, Ocean Adventure, IMAX, Nature / Wildlife

Cast: Dean Bernal, Pierce Brosnan

Director: Greg MacGillivray

Synopsis: Plunge into the realm of wild dolphins in this great adventure film MacGillivray Freeman Films, producers of the large-format films Beavers and The Living Sea. In DOLPHINS, you'll experience the warm, white sand banks of the Bahamas where the inquisitive dolphins live and play. Find out how we are unraveling the mysteries of dolphin communication. Here, you'll also meet a bottlenose dolphin named JoJo who explores the colorful reefs with his human friend Dean.
Brimming with details about the complex lives of these fascinating animals, this ocean adventure film takes you into the very heart of the world of Dolphins.
Narrated by Pierce Brosnan, music by Sting.

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States of America

Production Year: 2000

Dolphins (IMAX)
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