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The Deep (Madacy) (10-pk)

Genres: Special Interest, Documentary, Ocean Adventure, Nature, Image Madacy, Nature / Wildlife

Cast: Masakazu Nagata


Take a plunge into the deep and discover what lies beneath the surface of the great, wide ocean. MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP: THE BEST OF UNDERSEA EXPLORER dives into the enigma of marine life and uncovers the secrets that live among our sea-dwelling friends. From rare fish to sharks, whales and dolphins, this spectacular footage is shot by some of the most noted underwater cinematographers in the world, whose works have appeared in such prestigious outlets as the BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. From the elusive and mysterious Galapagos Islands of South America, MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP: THE BEST OF UNDERSEA EXPLORER brings you over 10 breathtaking hours of stunning footage—some of it never before seen— of various types of coral reefs and much, much more. These brave and fearless underwater explorers have spanned the globe uncovering the most aw-inspiring images of life under the sea.

Shot in glorious High Definition, DISCOVER PLANET OCEAN explores the Pacific coast of Baja California, one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico—and one of the most extraordinary diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. The series covers a lot of ground (and cubic feet of water), ranging across the entire 1,000-mile peninsula. Your guide on this extraordinary voyage of discovery—marine journalist Masakazu Nagata—hits all the area's high spots, including coral reefs and its twin UNESCO World Heritage sites (the rock paintings at Pintada and the Vizaino Whale Sanctuary). However, the 13-episode series provides more than enough scope for a sustained investigation of the region's less publicized aspects–including the daily workings of a typical fishing village. For the people in Baja California, the Ocean is more than just a source of wonder and fear (the Great White Shark is a frequent visitor) — it is the key to economic survival. DISCOVER PLANET OCEAN brings you all of these elements together in order to provide you with a rich portrait of life above and beneath the waves.

Language: English

Country of Origin: United States of America, Australia

Production Year: 2009

 The Deep (Madacy) (10-pk)

Ocean Odyssey: Blue Realm - DVD - $39.98

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