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The Best of Black Beauty (10pk)

Genres: Television, Family / Kids, Adventure, Animals / Nature, Based on Book, Image Madacy

Cast: Stacy Dorning, William Lucas, Gedeon Burkhard, Judi Bowker, Michael Culver

Director: Freddie Francis, Peter Duffell

Synopsis: One of the most beloved children's stories of the 19th century, Anna Sewell's timeless tale of a free spirited but gentle thoroughbred made a dramatic return during the early 1970s as an acclaimed BBC television program. In The Adventures of Black Beauty, the restless taxicab horse of the novel settles into much deserved retirement with the adoring Gordon family – played by William Lucas (as patriarch Dr. James Gordon), Judi Bowker and Stacy Dorning (as daughters Vicky and Jenny) – on their Hertfordshire farm. Life on the Gordon farm is anything but peaceful, however – as the children and their precocious friends have a knack for getting into all sorts of trouble with the help of kidnappers, escaped convicts, gamblers and ruffians of all descriptions. Fortunately, Black Beauty keeps close watch, and always finds a way to bring the children "Galloping Home" safely!

The New Adventures of Black Beauty
moves the story forward 20 years and travels from pastoral England to the rugged wilderness of New Zealand. Jenny (Stacy Dorning) is now a newly married veterinarian responsible for a taking care of both a headstrong stepdaughter and a New Zealand farm in the absence of her husband. The adventures are more exciting than ever in this challenging new land, especially when they find a special ebony horse they call Black Beauty. In Season 2 the action moves to the wild Australian coast, and features 13-year-old Bella (Rebecca Gooden), her magnificent horse, and the family that shelter her.

All in all, it adds up to over 33 hours worth of equine entertainment that the whole family is sure to enjoy!

Language: English

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Production Year: 1990


  • Winner, Dove Approved, Three Out of Five Doves, The Dove Foundation

 The Best of Black Beauty (10pk)

The Best of Black Beauty (10pk) - DVD - $29.98

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  • Release Date: Sep 18th, 2012
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  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Run Time: 1988
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