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Dear Journalist:

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.  Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”
 – George S. Patton.

All of the freedoms and choices that we are fortunate enough to experience every day are the result of the millions of sacrifices others have made and are still making to protect our way of life. That is why on May 28th of this year we celebrate Memorial Day to pay tribute to all the soldiers who have fought and died to preserve our rights and privileges as Americans.

Image Entertainment offers a detailed collection of war films and documentaries to help bring you closer to the struggles and undying heroism faced by our brave men and women spanning some of the most pivotal wars in our history. 

We would like to offer the following titles to commemorate all of our Armed Forces this Memorial Day.


Memorial Day (Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Video)

It’s Memorial Day 1993, when 13-year-old Kyle Vogel stumbles upon his grandfather Bud’s (James Cromwell, The Artist, Babe) World War II footlocker. Though reluctant to discuss the war with his grandson, Bud strikes a deal with Kyle: He’ll tell the stories of any three objects from the footlocker that Kyle chooses. As we flash back to see Bud’s WWII tales from Europe unfold through his souvenirs and memories, we also flash forward to see how the present day SSgt. Kyle Vogel’s (Jonathan Bennett, Mean Girls) experiences in Iraq parallel them—and how that day on the porch with his grandfather will affect how he ultimately deals with the losses, regrets and moral dilemmas that unite all soldiers across all wars and generations.


WWII: The Complete History (10-PK) (DVD)

World War II was different from other wars due to the unparalleled scope of rare and, in some cases, previously unseen images from archives around the world. Now these images have been brought together in one of the most powerful documentary series on the 20th century’s greatest conflict. This is the complete Second World War from the islands of the Pacific to the frozen Steppes of Russia. From the rise of Hitler to the celebration of VJ day, you will learn about the hardware, the heroes and the heartbreak of war. This is a must-have for those who lived it and for those who want to remember the sacrifices made during WWII.


Iwo Jima: 50 Years of Memories (DVD, Digital Video)

It was one of the last major battles of WWII, fought on a tiny Pacific island only eight miles square. And when it was over, nearly 30,000 American and Japanese men were dead. Thousands more were wounded. This is the story of Iwo Jima, told entirely through the voices of American servicemen who survived the hell that was "Operation Detachment." Interviewed 50 years after the last shot on Iwo was fired, many of these brave men had never before spoken to anyone about their experiences on "Sulpher Island" — a silence that haunted them for decades. Originally broadcast on PBS, IWO JIMA: 50 YEARS OF MEMORIES has been digitally re-mastered with added footage and photographs, including additional maps and archival film not previously available to the public.


Vietnam: War in the Jungle (DVD)

Go back to the early days of French colonialism in Southeast Asia and get an understanding of the underlying circumstances that became the breeding ground for the war; witness the horror of jungle warfare and see what life was like for the brave soldiers who put it all on the line; and behold the stunning battles, bombs and explosions that bring the war home in living color.  In this stunningly raw collection, witness the price paid for freedom.


Pacific Warriors: From Hell to Victory (5-Pk) (DVD)

The introduction of an aerial dimension changed military conflict forever— and restored a kind of knightly grace to the increasingly ugly spectacle of advanced warfare. While faceless constellations of men and machines slammed into each other on the sea and the ground, dogfighters faced off in the skies according to chivalric codes of their own. Marshaling an extraordinary array of historical materials, Wings of Destruction brings this fusion of old-fashioned heroism and ultra-modern technology dramatically to life. From bi-planes to bombers, from Germany to the Gulf, this 15-part saga will give you a co-pilot's view of the greatest air aces of all time!


War and the Road to Victory (DVD)

For the first time, experience the full scope of the past century's most explosive combat with WAR AND THE ROAD TO VICTORY, featuring vintage footage and fascinating stories which reveal how nations have opposed each other since World War I. From the first aerial showdowns to spectacular battleship and jet fighter battles, you'll be thrown right into the action with these riveting original productions available in one exclusive collector's set.


The American Civil War (3 PK) (DVD)

With the help of several thousand living history re-enactors, THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR penetrates the fog of war and allows you to experience the glory and heartache of the battles that changed war forever. Through personal letters, official reports and diaries, viewers will come to understand not only the battle but also the political and personal factors that caused our nation to take up arms. The captivating period photography, the authentic Civil War-era music and the fascinating living history re-enactments bring to life this enormous struggle and allow future generations to bear witness to events that forged our nation.



We hope these suggestions help your readers better understand the sacrifices made by all of our armed forces – past, present and future.





Ross Blume